ASP Associates was founded in Delhi in 1982. Since its inception, numerous projects have been completed in varying typographies, climatic zones and typologies.
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Analysis of Active Recreational Zones in Delhi

Abstract There are insufficient amount of sport and physical activity practices globally, largely due to changes in lifestyle such as inactive work. Urban lifestyle is resulting in sedentary forms of recreation such as watching television and working on computer. Current city planning is enhancing excessive use of passive modes of transport. These factors combined are causing many health issues such as obesity and diabetes. Better quality of life begins with better health. Health issues are costly for country both in terms...

Affordable Dwelling Units: Aspirations and Limitations Architectural Footprints: Legislation and Reforms

Abstract There is a constant push from government to meet the ever-increasing housing demand in the country. For a country like India, where the prices of real estate are disproportionately high compared to rental values, trends in city centres and its peripheries has been towards a rental market. Government is trying to introduce affordable housing segment as a potential real estate segment where traditional tenants can “afford” to buy homes. But ...

Decoding Advanced Streetscapes: Case Study of Delhi

Abstract Streets or Right of Ways, cover almost 25% of city area as per Master Plan of Delhi. Yet most of the master plans, development regulations give much more importance to zoning and built mass than streets. Streets are merely understood as connecting corridors and not primary spaces. For something that covers more than 1/4th of city area, not giving an in-depth focus to them in city development plans is a big miss. Daily human activities such as sleeping, working at...